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About Us

Making a Difference, It's What We Do

Since 1972, Companions for Children has been providing mentors to children in the Minot and surrounding 15-mile area. Since it's inception, hundreds of local children have been impacted by the benefits of mentoring - increased self-esteem and self-confidence, healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, better attitude towards school and their futures, and much more! Mentors provide a child with someone to talk to, confide in and rely on. Children in our program come from many different backgrounds, with the common goal that an adult in their life feels they can benefit from an additional role model. All children are provided information on what mentoring is and decide for themselves if they want to participate. We strive to provide the best youth mentoring program around and prioritize quality over quantity.


Our Mission

Companions for Children provides children with volunteer adults who empower them to reach their full potential through a mentoring relationship.

Our Vision

Companions for Children youth will have a better opportunity to become emotionally healthy, productive adults in our community. 

Our Stats


Board of Directors

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