Community-Based Mentoring

Advocate. Guide. Career Model. Friend.


1. Learn More

To better understand how Companions for Children works, begin by reading our Mentor Handbook. This will provide you with our criteria to become a mentor, our screening process, what your job as a mentor is and more. [CLICK ON THE BOOK TO READ THE HANDBOOK]

2. Apply Now

Fill out and submit an online Mentor Application. [CLICK ON THE PENCIL TO APPLY]

3. Online Training

You will receive an email with our program handbook, online training and mandated reporter certification instructions to complete at home within two weeks.

4. Interview & Paperwork

A two-hour time block will be scheduled to fill out paperwork and complete an in-depth interview with our staff.

5. Screening Committee (Approval/Denial)

Our Screening Committee will review all information collected during the screening process and approve or deny your application.

6. Upon Approval

Upon approval, our staff will contact you to share the good news! You will come into our office for a mentee selection and a match meeting will be set up for you to meet your mentee!

7. Match Meeting

A match meeting is set up between you, your mentee, the parent/guardian and our Service Coordinator. At this meeting contact information is exchanged, rules are reviewed and you and your mentee are given time to get to know each other.

8. Support & Reporting

Companions for Children will contact mentors and parents/guardians on a monthly basis to provide support, guidance and to gather a monthly report. In addition, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year progress surveys will be conducted.