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Lunch Pals

Est. 2017

Companions for Children's School-Based mentoring program; Lunch Pals was established in 2017 to meet an unmet need in the Minot Community. In this program, mentors meet with their mentee's two times per month between August and May at their pre-designated school.


Lunch Pals Supporters

Are you or your business interested in sponsoring Lunch Pals?


1. Learn More

To better understand how this program works, begin by reading our Lunch Pals Program  Handbook. This will provide you with our criteria to become a mentor, our screening process, what your job as a mentor is and more. [CLICK ON THE BOOK TO READ THE HANDBOOK]

2. Apply Today

Thank you for your interest, we are no longer accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year. Please enroll in our community-based program or send us a message via our Contact Us page and we will get in touch next summer!

3. Interview & Paperwork

A 30-minute time block will be scheduled to review Guidelines & Ground Rules, program details & conduct an interview.

4. Mentor Homework

After scheduling your interview, our staff will email you "homework" to complete. Including: Mandated Reporter Certification, Reference Forms, Background Check Information & our Mentor Profile Form.

5. Screening Committee

Our screening committee will review all information collected during the screening process and approve or deny your application. All applicants will be informed by August 1st.

6. Mentor Orientation & Training

On a pre-designated date, Companions for Children will conduct a Mentor Orientation from 11:30 to 1 pm at your participating school. Mentors will be provided their finalized lunch meeting calendar. Lunch will be provided.

7. Match Meeting

A staff of Companions for children will meet you at your pre-desingated school to introduce you to your mentee & provide a get to know you worksheet to "break the ice".

8. Support & Reporting

Mentors fill out a report after each lunch via an online link. Companions for Children will respond with support & guidance. [MENTORS: CLICK ONT HE HYPERLINK TO ACCESS MENTOR THE REPORTING PAGE]


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