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Enroll a Child

Mentors provide a child with someone to talk to, rely on and confide in.


1. Learn More

To better understand how Companions for Children works, begin by reading our Program Handbook. This will provide you with our eligibility, our enrollment process, your job as a parent/guardian and more. [CLICK ON THE BOOK TO READ THE HANDBOOK]

2. Apply Today

Fill out and submit a Youth Application! Online applications are for the community-based program only. [CLICK THE PENCIL TO APPLY]

3. Online Training

The parent is provided an email with steps to complete online training. Training can be done all at once or a little bit at a time. Parents are welcome to utilize a computer at our office if needed.

4. Interviews & Paperwork

Our Service Coordinator will contact you to set up appointments for a parent/guardian interview and a youth interview. The parent interview will give us a better insight into your child's life and family background. The youth interview will give us a better idea of your child's interests to help us find the best mentor for them.

5. Match Meeting

A match meeting is set up between the parent/guardian, mentor, mentee and our Service Coordinator. At this meeting contact information is exchanged, rules are reviewed, the mentor and mentee are given time to get to know each other and the first outing is planned.