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Parents & Guardians



Mentor Screening Process

Companions for Children takes the safety of the children in it's programs seriously. Each volunteer in the community-based program must complete Companions for Childrnen's Screning Process. This includes: - Application - Online Mentor Training - Mandated Reporter Training & Certification - Minot Police Department Background Check - Department of Human Services Background Check - American Checked Nationwide Background Check - Three References - In-Person Interview - Social Media Check The completed Screening Process is taken to Companions for Children's Board of Directors for approval or denial.

Guidelines &
Ground Rules

Companions for Children has a list of Guidelines & Ground Rules to enhance safety.

Parents as Partners

When it comes to the future of our children and the well-being of our communities, we’re all in this together. So it should come as no surprise that we need the parents to be involved every step of the way to ensure a successful match.

Enrollment Process


Parent Training & Paperwork

Parent Interview

Mentee Interview

Parent Approval of Mentor

Parent and Mentor Meeting

Match Meeting - Parent, Mentor, & Mentee

Ongoing Parent Responsibilities

Staying in Communication with the Mentor - Communication is a Two Way Street

Approving Outing Activities Suggested by the Mentor

Discussing Outings with Your Child Upon their Return

Logging Outing Information (Hours, Activities, and Feedback)

Reporting Outing Information Monthly to Companions for Children's Staff

Participating in Annual Parent Training

Participating in Survey's at Match Milestones


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