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School-Based Mentoring


Pen Pals

Est. 2020

Companions for Children's School-Based mentoring program; Pen Pals was established in 2020 in search of a program to allow those who cannot met in person to still be able to volunteer to be a mentor! In this program, mentors write back and fourth with their mentee between August and May for their entire school year.





Volunteers must be 18+ and live within a 15 mile radius of Minot, ND. Volunteers must complete the screening process in a timely manner and will be approved (denied) by a screening committee.

Mentees are 5th graders at a local elementary school. This program helps students improve their literacy and reading skills while also benefitting from an additional role model in their life!



Mentors will be provided training, orientation, materials needed to participate in the program, and on-going support.



Volunteers will be matched with a student one-on-one for the entire school year from August to May.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year. If you would like to be contacted when the application process opens for the 2023-24 year, please fill out the form below!